This strain is a true hybrid in that it is a 50/50 mix of sativa and indica. Mandala Seeds bred Satori by crossing Lucid Dream with another unnamed sativa hybrid. Satori plants flower within 9-10 weeks and produce light green buds with plenty of crystals. The flowers have a unique aroma that is reminiscent of tea and honey.

In 2006 we refined this strain to produce an even safer and more potent cross that will delight your connoisseur soul! Satori is an exceptionally easy to grow sativa. It has shown impressive resistance against red spiders and other pests, and also has good resistance to molds. Its record production can be further improved thanks to its thin appearance which allows cultivation in tight rows, or in green tide. The strong side branches produce the best quality cuttings. As with all of our sativas, she holds up very well to heat – a plus for small indoor setups and areas with hot summers. The aroma, mainly fruity and spicy, is a feast for the senses.

Satori produces long clusters of stocky flowers and does not require too much addition of fertilizer. You can almost do without it, provided you use quality potting soil and pots of sufficient size (8+ liter pots for adult plants under 250 to 600 watts). For best hydroponics results, it is best to keep EC levels low. Their hybrid vigor means that all Mandala varieties have a great capacity for absorbing nutrients. A low level of EC / nutrients is enough to develop huge leaves, stems and flower clusters. Satori is a potent plant, with an exceptional sativa high. The heavy buds are easy to manicure, and from the resinous leaves you can produce a premium hashish comparable to the famous Nepalese temple balls.

The story of the product

Since its introduction in 2005, our Satori has become one of the most sought-after strains among sativa lovers. Although Satori ranks among the most potent strains ever created, it is above all the quality of the high that is appreciated by so many with creative and spiritual aims. Power without quality is simply a waste of potential. When we smoke Satori, we do so with the intention of harnessing psychoactive energy and using it for positive transformation. The name of this strain reflects its way of inspiring the mind: “Satori” is a Japanese term in Zen Buddhism which means enlightenment. Literally it means “understanding”. It is sometimes used as a synonym for Kensho which refers to the Buddha’s earliest perception of nature, or True Nature, sometimes referred to as “awakening”. Kensho is not a permanent state of enlightenment, but rather a moment of clarity on the true nature of creation in everyday life. This can be seen as one more step towards deep and lasting enlightenment or “Satori”. Satori is therefore a prime example of cannabis that facilitates a higher level of intuitive awareness. This is how cannabis is used in ancient traditions, to open the “third eye”, disperse clouds of egocentric ignorance, and reunite the spirit with the rest of creation.

Satori was also created with the aim of introducing a new generation of sativa:

Easy and stress-free cultivation.
Solid and vigorous growth.
Perfect for any indoor space.
Compact, high-yielding flower clusters.
Harvest after only 9-10 weeks of flowering.
Before the advent of Satori, growing the vast majority of brain sativa indoors was too much of a challenge for many growers, as they generally produced little unless grown hydroponically, and required a long flowering time of 14 weeks and more. We were convinced that it was possible to craft a very creative and inspiring cerebral sativa, which would combine the best characteristics generally found only in indica hybrids. The challenge was to keep the unique sativa psychoactive high in pure form, while also introducing into the strain the kind of growth and flowering of a high yielding indica. While growing Satori, you will be amazed by the incredible size of its stems and leaves, the dense clusters and the stocky structure – all just in soil. In order to achieve this unique combination we have selected a very rare plant which has been found in our personal collection of Nepalese varieties. This extremely powerful and cerebral female formed the basis for later selections. Throughout its history, Satori has been an ongoing project at Mandala Seeds. We continue to test seeds from the parental lines, in order to discover exceptional plants and to refresh or renew the genetic crossing. Satori’s success is based on the strict quality control of our breeders, and on the selection of the best parents from a large population of candidates for several years.

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