Swifts Edibles by Green Labs

Handcrafted. Washington Grown. Family Forged. With decades of experience in the cannabis and culinary industries, the Green Labs teams is dedicated to developing innovative ways to consume cannabis while ensuring consistent flavor and accurate dosing in all of our products. We know “tastes good” and “cannabis” should always be in the same sentence. Rise with us as we transcend to the next era of cannabis swifts edibles.

From seed to strain to extract, all the way to a delicious chocolate truffle, Green Labs handcrafts every step of their process.

The Green Labs team have taken the bit between their teeth and set off running since they originally established their company back in 2014. Fast-forward 2 short years later and they have grown to 17 employees, a fully integrated business, and a whole host of cannabis products under their Swifts brand and their new addition of Ruby Cannabis Sugar.

Being a fully integrated cannabis edible maker means Swifts are created entirely in-house, from seed to finished truffle, or sour candy. This level of product control allows them to grow the strains they want specifically for their products, create THC extract under the conditions they desire, and bring it all together in their kitchen to create some of the tastiest cannabis edibles currently available.With 3 dedicated grow rooms and 1 veg/mother room, the Green Labs crew can yield around 5lbs of finished cannabis per harvest on a weekly basis. They’ve approached their cannabis flower with an eye on future development with 7-9 key strains they cultivate for product-specific offerings out of a diverse library of around 35 strains.

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