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Skittles Gummies, also come in various designs as a sativa dominant hybrid strain created through a cross of the classic strains. If you’re a fan of amazing mixed  flavor and a lifted high, look no further,  Skittles Gummies is exactly what you need and more.


This has come a long way, as many would use normal flower weed to chase cloud. Back in time. weed has been measured all accross the word with reference to effects it has on individuals. Further more, recent years has proven that. many people can actually consume weed without smoking. This can be seen via Edibles infusion . Where by, thc is being infused while creating gummies. This has served to be more commond today. As many people and the globe in general consume infused thc gummies with ease.


Our gummies stand as the old skittle form with round sperical shaped all over. It comes with unique colour. Which give them individually brightness while having some on your palm.

skittles gummies


Pleased to let you know we have the best THC flavours; wild Berry, Seattle Mix, Medicated sour.



Euphoria , Focus, Sociable , Happy , Uplifting

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