Cannaburst Berry sours Gummies

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cannaburst 500mg review


Description: cannaburst berry sour edibles products provide an alternative method of cannabis consumption to vaping and smooking. These gummies are just a thing now.

But this berry skew unlike the former sour which were so popular they decided to make a second version of them the sour berry. These are sort of newer as they recently come into place and circulate in the market.

Aroma: This pack smells amazing. it smells like, when you open the pack of a kool-aid powder and just smell it. it smells like that. is is incredible or maybe more like a hawaiian punch.

cannaburst 500mg review

Appearance: The pack can be view as a big sharing go pack. It can handle a little crew at anytime while shaing.

Flavors: There are four flavors in this berry skew and they include; Strawberry fraise, berry punch, wild berry and black raspberry. black rasp berry is a killer flavor.

Dosage:Furthermore, Each pack comes with 500mg labled on them. with total of 10 peices in a pack. Best edibles in the market.

candyhunt would always be a place for sweet treats.


-OMG it is mouth watering! bout time they came out with these! i used to pick out all the berry punch/strawberry ones out the regular bags and pitch the rest…cant wait to try these again. @Chris Thieblot

– Now i def want to buy a pack or 2!!! Great review candyhunt @goldenboy

-You guys get all sort of trolli in America, we dont get shit here in Australis @gisellelybell

-keep up the good work candyhunt. we would be placing more deals as a sure connect. our company so far needs a reliable supplier. kindly let know your rate on bulk purchases.@ RegularK

-These are very amazing snacks when you really sort things out for self time chill. i would recommend this to everyone. @ismail hassan

5 reviews for Cannaburst Berry sours Gummies

  1. James William

    Good taste and works well alleviating my anxiety a bit.

  2. Juliette

    The only vitamin I give to my kids…

  3. Victoria Perry

    I loved the delivery process and my great grandson loved the vitamins. My only problem is that they were no longer with me, so I needed to stop the subscription. The product itself, was great.

  4. Crystal walker

    just received it today, looking forward to trying the edibles for the first time later tonight.

  5. Tyler

    Amazing product!
    We can’t get enough Candyhunt

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