Errlli Gummi Sharks

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errlli gummy sharks edibles


This is a typical infused candy with THC oil in them . When you get involve with gummies.
you would most likely find that, many company tend to create various form of gummies. Errlli sharks are remodified unique gummies place in the candy game.



The blue shark has a marshmallow belly and the top is the blueberry gummy.


Flavor: While eating this, you get the mashmellow flavor mixing in your mouth. This would get you an extra watering
mouth while tasting this goodies.


Positive Effects;

– Taste Good

– Activate hyper sensitive



Candy hunt  stand as a major enterprise where we handle all of our deals and ability on providing the very best in highly durable quality. Furthermore, what we sell directly came from the best California edibles factory. This aim at us meeting the our day to day demands associated around clients desires and likes.



  • Little tip to ya”ll…look at the expiration date on anything you buy. it is good to look at anything you buy. also, another tip…when buying coffee, if you like good coffee like seattles best etc. Always get the bag in the main back it always like 6 months or more expiration date.
  • When you trying to fall asleep listening to one of your playlist. This edible helps to handle you a good and awesome sleep while resting or taking a nap.
  • I love sour gummies! Bought some sharks yesterday and love the sour gummy shark is the best. ill advise yall to keep doing the best work.
  • I”M almost 50 and i love them too
  • This is what i have in mind for extreme popular treats
  • This is definitely giving me 2003 vibes.
  • A gummy shark shape with precise taste color and flavor would have think of good old days. highly recommend this to everyone .

4 reviews for Errlli Gummi Sharks

  1. Mills menah

    Fabulous product, lightning shipping, and great customer service…I really like this company both for the above and also for their consistent potency in their offerings..I can’t say enough good things about their “Freeze” roll-on pain works in under 2 minutes EVERY time!

  2. James brown

    Love these gummies I’m 75 and slept so good I want to
    Order more

  3. Stanley johaness


  4. Phyllis Brown

    Order was quickly filled. Arrived in good shape in just a few days. Well packed and I am thrilled. Thank you!

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