Errlli Sour Terp Crawlers

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Description : This edible welcome you to the recent years innovation where natural candy now comes with infused thc in them . Sour terp crawlers stand as a great example in our recent era development. This edibles are quite worth the effect and active ingredients in them. This will naturally leave your mouth watery and wanting for more.

Flavor: The 600mg terps comes in various flavors shaped in different sizes; watermelon, peaches, berry and orange. This will have you eat the entire bag thus keep you feeling good and they taste great.

Dosage: A pack comes in with 7 pieces in them . This would have you regulate exact amount to take at once. Also, a pack comes along with 600mg . It is advisable to rearrange amount while  taking these .

Positive Effects – errlli sour terp crawlers


-standard base sugar

-Awesome feeling

Serving size : This all depends which manufactural makes them for you. Honestly with this brand you probably just need two or three . Slow and low! The moment you do your first yawn. That’s the sign of being on edibles! At that moment you can either decide to increase your dose or reduce it .

errlli sour terp crawlers

Apparently, people are faced with the issue of literally weak edibles which do not hold its true nature and purpose. This has in turn makes us to have a grip with the manufacturer, to assist on developing a high active base edible. This would also help boost the metabolism once fast digestion take in place .



Jess A : ” I am used to edibles not working for me the couple times i tried them. I decided to give them another shot. Oh boy. 600mg later and i had some pretty nice thoughts. 10/10 highly recommend. Will only eat my edibles from now on “

5 reviews for Errlli Sour Terp Crawlers

  1. Andrea

    Super fast shipping, great packaging, and AWESOME product! Love these gummies and the free gift! Thank y’all so much!

  2. Shelley beveridge

    Placing my order was easy. Shipping and delivery were immediate. Well done.

  3. Wanda wright

    Efficient service, with great product. The price is extremely attractive for constant users.

  4. Nick James

    This review is for Mystery Package: I ordered the largest one, hoping to get various products to try out. Several items that I received were not even in the online catalog, so it was tough for me to evaluate the value of it.

  5. Sam

    Great product for a first time customer! Thank you for all the awesome customer service!!!

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