Infused Gushers Fruit Gushers super sour Berry

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8 reviews for Infused Gushers Fruit Gushers super sour Berry

  1. Bright

    Swift transaction online & speedy delivery! Would thoroughly recommend

  2. Manfred

    Very helpful for a first timer and great advice.
    Package arrived safely.
    Now fingers crossed for some relief.
    Will use again.

  3. Joe

    Excellent advice nicely packaged would recommend

  4. James

    Great service

  5. Francis turner

    Excellent advice on different products available to help with certain conditions

  6. Lisa Nicholson

    Brilliant communication from Anderson and love that trial sizes of products available

  7. Gregory

    I highly recommend the candy hunt …they’ve got way more other items …the super sour berry gushers is infused with sweet flavored cannabis…candy hunt got it all

  8. Mary Ann

    Great service both in delivery and back up. I have arthritic fingers which makes my guitar playing difficult & painful. Taking the product 20 mins before I want play and doing finger exercises makes player it easier & less painful. The pain returns after the exercise but at least I can play with less pain than with any previous treatments. Thanks for this, I’m in a much happier place

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