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Trolli peach rings

trolli peach rings is a THC 600mg infused gummies. It taste-tastic crazy, supa dupa, liciousness. They will make you say, “ these are Berry Tasty “ Tooth Tickling, very Berry , freaky fruity, juiciness . This would have you feeling amazing and awesome. trolli rings is a very unique and dinamic gummies as its been made and infused with Natural THC herp.

Apperance of the peach rings

These trolli peach rings gummies mostly come in multiple shapes designed to attract consumers . In addition, sizable rings are very attractive.


Equally important, each package is being served to suite consumers both quantitatively and medically as each package is being filed with 10 pieces of the gummies and with a total THC of 600mg. Each piece contains 60mg.


More over, This particular trolli peach rings has a very delicious and unique flavors from the other strains.As its been infused with the  strawberry and blue raspberry and grape. This would have you feeling your self. Mouth filled by higher tatse unlike regular icecream kids do have.

Trolli peach rings For Sale

This Trolli is now available now for sale in our online shop. order now above the minimum quantity and get a discount. We now over world wide delivery and discreet over night shipment. Our services are very efficient as our staffs are very reliable as they assist our clients on our online shop.

How to order Trolli peach

However, To be eligible to order the trolli brite crawler from our online shop,the consumer have to be 21+.. Consumer have to provide a valid address where package will be openly ship to or discreetly ship to. Further more Consumers must not be present in a ligal state before ordering from us as we over discreet delivery service.

Smart Review

Lastly, These particular peach rings flavor has however  been highly rated by numerous consumers around the world. As It has been noted as a very significant med for pain and insomia and many more health complications.



4 reviews for Trolli Peachie

  1. Alex

    The Trolli peachie comprises of sweet flavor and a high percentage of THC 600mg …this product is fire guys u honestly need to try …..I never made a mistake ordering in bulk …

  2. Thomas Powell

    Good taste and works well alleviating my anxiety a bit.

  3. Anderson

    I’m a returning customer and will carry on to be so as my dog who suffers with LAD has improved significantly

  4. Carter

    A great company with excellent customer service. Very prompt reply to queries and speedy delivery. The products are excellent too.

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